Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle that would make the movement and fitness a part of your life but still want to train in the comfort of your own place ?

Anywhere Workouts can help you with the everyday struggles to come to the gym or fitness class. As a personal mobile trainer I can help clients remove the most common obstacles sabotaging their fitness goals.


For people having a busy schedules or those who simply prefer the comfort and privacy of their own place, having the mobile personal trainer saves the time and money of having to go to the gym. I will come to you and train you at home or local park.


Working out on your own, you might not know how to use the proper form and thus train effectively and in correct way. At Anywhere Workouts I will not only give you the motivation and guidance to stay commited to the healthy movement patterns, but also provide the structure, personalized plan and full attention to establish your fitness program.


You will not need any special training tools. I bring the gym to you and support you with the range of equipment to each session to keep it challenging and fun every time.