I am certified Health Fitness Coach (more here) and a fully dedicated mum.

I provide individual and small group personal training sessions in the comfort of your home, outdoors, at active retreat or at team building events. I also work as Personal Trainer at the rehabilitation clinic FYZIO KLINIK.

I have several years of experience in home / outdoor training and thus I believe I can help you develop your workout goals, teach you the correct training techniques and make the fitness and movement your own part of the lifestyle. And all of these right on your doorstep.

Since giving birth to my daughter, I’ve become a huge fan of home and outdoor workouts. I never needed the gym or any special fitness class to get in shape. All I ever had is my small appartment or a simple outdoor area.

I believe our body is a precious gift, a capable tool for the movement. There is no final destination in the terms of movement. It is a constant journey where you can feel and experience the body awareness and you will be given both the physical and mental strength in return.

Wherever you are, whoever you are with or whatever life conditions you may have, if you are healthy, why not use it to your advantage and move your body regularly.