FYZIO FITNESS: Personal training at Fyzio Klinik

The rehabilitation clinic FYZIO KLINIK, where I currently work as a personal trainer, offers its clients an additional service of Physio Fitness – a functional fitness center. The concept of Physio Fitness within the rehabilitation clinic has proved to be a necessity when it comes to adaptability on its client needs.

FYZIO KLINIK clients often have specific problems and needs that can be minimized or, in most cases, completely eliminated with the corrective exercises.

Customized training program

Individually customized training plans are a must at Physio Fitness. When compiling the training, not only the goals and ambitions of the client are taken into account, but also his health and physical condition. Thanks to the cooperation of the physiotherapist and the trainer, this approach brings more control over the health of the client.

Physio Fitness is a functional fitness center that consists of three basic zones:

  • workout zone
  • power zone
  • cardio zone

In my trainings I focus on gaining overall mobility & strength, reconditioning as well as prehabilitation in sports. I mainly work with free weights /KTB, dumbbells, large dumbbells/, TRX, gymnastic rings, medicine balls or resistance bands. I enjoy educating and guiding my trainees about home exercise alternatives so that they can continuously work on themselves in any kind of environment.

If you are interested in having personal training sessions at the FYZIO KLINIK, please contact me at andrea@anywhereworkouts.sk. If you prefer rehabilitation & training approach all at the same time, please contact the clinic directly at recepcia@fyzioklinik.sk or phone number: +421 948 774 999.