With Aďa, it’s hard work. But exactly the kind you need. My husband and I have been going to her for about three months now, and we plan to continue for a long time. Because Aďa is perceptive, she gives us enough to challenge ourselves, but also enough for us to handle. We are gradually improving, feeling better, more flexible, and experiencing less back pain. Aďa addresses you comprehensively – your lifestyle, movement limitations, the sports you engage in – and tailors the training accordingly. For example, we want to improve our running, so she included exercises to strengthen the muscles we use when running. Moreover, she is a pleasant lady. We can only recommend her.

Jana O.

In our company, we had the opportunity to exercise with Andrea for about 4 months. During that time, we tried all the modules from the movement program for companies that Andrea put together for us. It was excellent, a great way to gather energy for the entire workday. I definitely recommend it to others who may be still hesitating.

Slávka K., company Develepium s.r.o.

I evaluate cooperation with Andrea very positively. So far, we have only had the opportunity to collaborate once, but I appreciate her approach to exercise and training planning. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to establish long-term cooperation and reset our minds from work, engaging more in physical activity.

Kristína G., company CAPEXUS SK s.r.o.

I like working-out with Andrea. She explains the process well in English, I believe in Slovak too: what we do, why we do, and why we should do it properly. Her target is mainly to strengthen our joints, increase the flexibility of our body, and at the same time burn fat and strengthen our muscles. Instead of giving sets on the machines in the gym, she does conditional exercises with you. Thank you Andrea for showing me a way to appreciate my body and helping me build healthy living habits.

Hakan B.

Professional approach, individually tailored training based on the client’s needs, attentive preparation, excellent guidance during training – I recommend it.

Táňa S.

Thanks to Ada’s coaching ability, I regained the desire for personal training, which not only improved my fitness but also my mental preparation. The well-prepared three sets of exercises can be applied not only indoors but also outdoors, using only my own body and resistance bands. This allows me to exercise even while on business trips. Personally, I find this individualized approach to training very effective and suitable. Therefore, not only will I continue with Andrejka, but I can also recommend her to others who are seeking to improve their fitness.

Peter H.

Andrea is my personal trainer since about 6 months. Andrea is taking a customized approach reflecting individual goals and individual starting position (fitness level).
Under Andrea’s professional guidance I have been able to substantially improve my physical fitness level as well as my muscular activation. Andrea has a very pleasant style of communication and instructing to ensure for maximum effectiveness. I can highly recommend Andrea for anyone determined to improve his/her fitness level!

Peter V.